Wolfgang Van Halen and his fiancée Andraia Allsop are married. The 32-year-old frontman of Mammoth WVH (and son of the late Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli) exchanged vows with Allsop, a software engineer and photographer, at their Los Angeles home in front of 90 guests.

The ceremony included several touches that honored loved ones, including Van Halen’s late father.
Wolfgang walked down the aisle with his mom to an instrumental song that his father wrote for him, titled “316,” telling People magazine: “It’ll be a nice way to include my dad.” After exchanging wedding vows in their living room, the couple hosted a reception in their backyard. Said Allsop: “Our goal was just to bring all of our closest family and friends together. The past few years, not only with the world, but also with personal tragedies, haven’t been the easiest, but we wanted to create this wedding as a celebration not only just for us to get married, but a celebration for the people we love.”.

The couple reserved an empty chair at the ceremony in honor of the late Van Halen, and Allsop wore a necklace Eddie Van Halen once gifted to Bertinelli, who lent her the piece for the occasion. Bertinelli said: “Ed would’ve been absolutely beaming and so, so proud of the man Wolfie has become and is becoming and so happy that he has found Andraia, someone who really understands Wolfie, who he is and who he wants to be and supports him wholeheartedly.”

Van Halen and Allsop were engaged last July after seven years of dating, and their wedding day marked their eight-year anniversary.

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