Chris Young has dropped a piano-driven version of his Top 40 single, Drowning.

Drowning was partly inspired by the death of Chris’ close friend, Adam Carnes. Said Chris: “I actually wrote this song with two of my really good friends, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. All of us were writing to that hook, which Corey actually brought in that day, and we just all thought that it was an amazing idea and it was something that was gonna touch pretty much anybody that has ever lost anyone. I actually wrote it about a friend of mine, Adam, who passed away many years ago. It’s just a really, really special song to me and I hope it really touches a lot of people.”

Drowning follows the release of Chris’ Top 5 hit Raised on Country. Listen to the latest version of Drowning at the link here.

Chris Young Drops Piano-Driven Version of Top 40 Single, “Drowning” [Listen]


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